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AbsoluteHID Aftermarket Bulbs

H11 & H11b HID Replacement Bulbs (Pair)

H11 & H11b HID Replacement Bulbs (Pair)

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These are high-quality H11 HID replacement bulbs. These bulbs can be used to replace failed or dim bulbs from our HID kits, or an HID kit purchased elsewhere. These are also replacements for H8, H9 and H11b bulbs. H11b bulbs are different to standard H11's in that the ground return wire is rotated 180 degrees on the longitudinal axis of the bulb. This prevents there being a shadow across the beam pattern in projector housings. All H11 bulbs sold by AbsoluteHID are the "b" variety, so they will perform correctly in both projector and reflector housings.  The differences between H8, H9, and H11 bulbs are only wattage, which doesn't matter for HID bulbs, as the wattage is set by the ballast. These bulbs are available in all colours and in both 35 watt and 55 watt varieties. The wattage of your current kit will be indicated on your ballast. If your vehicle has factory-installed HID's, you want our OEM Replacement HID Bulbs. Questions? Get in touch.

  • Free Shipping Canada-wide (from North York, Ontario) 
  • Toronto Area local pickup
  • Free warranty (1 Year, Lifetime available)
  • Bulbs are sold in pairs
  • UV Cut Quarts
  • Laser-aligned focal points
  • Industry-standard "AMP" connectors
  • Colour Guarantee
  • LED Kits also available
  • Questions? Call us (647)547-1962
  • All Bulb Types are available

All our aftermarket replacement HID bulbs are made in ISO:9006 factories and meet or exceed E4 and E11 specifications.

35 Watt HID Bulb
55 Watt HID Bulb
Nominal Power 
Xenon Pressure 7 Bar 7 Bar
ECG External External
Luminous Flux  3200 Lumens @4300K 4950 Lumens @4300K
Luminous Efficacy 91 Lumens per Watt 90 Lumens per Watt

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