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CANBUS LED Conversion Kit - 4800 Lumen

CANBUS LED Conversion Kit - 4800 Lumen

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Canada's #1 CANBUS LED Conversion Kit!

All AbsoluteHID LED conversion kits are 100% CANBUS compatible and the only vehicles not recommended for LED use are those with projectors, which should use an HID Kit.

Say goodbye to the struggle of finding a bright and reliable LED kit. Our 4800 lumen LED lighting system sets the standard for state-of-the-art LED technology, with features like instant start, plug and play DRL compatibility, automatic headlights support, and bulb warning system integration. You won't need relays, resistors, CANBUS or any other components to install this kit on late-model vehicles like Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet and more. Our LED conversion kits use only the best brand name components, and are only sold domestically in Canada.

Our top-of-the-line LED conversion kit features the latest CREE XHP-50 LED and Phillips Lumiled M4 diodes. Single stage kits (for vehicles with separate low and high beams) produce 4800 lumens full-time, while two-stage kits (for vehicles with single high and low beam bulbs) produce 2400 lumens for low beam and 2400 lumens for high beam. Each kit includes two bulbs, so you'll double the lumen output.

Other LED products on the market come with fans that have a high failure rate in engine bays or large heatsinks that require modifications to headlight housings, but our LED conversion kit uses thermal bands for heat dissipation for maximum heat dispersion without the need for a fan or heatsinks.

All AbsoluteHID LED conversion kits come with a 1-year warranty (with lifetime warranty options), free tech support, installation manual, and color guarantee.

For any questions about LED conversion kits or other products we carry, don't hesitate to email, chat or call us. And if you're not sure which bulb type is right for your vehicle, use the bulb guide link at the top of the page.

Get started now by calling us at  (647) 547-1962 or using the chat on the lower left of your screen.

Want to see if our HID kit is compatible with your vehicle? Check out our AbsoluteHID Bulb Guide for All Makes & Models.

Select your bulb type and desired colour.


Technical Info:

Component Design: CREE (Raleigh, NC, USA)

Component Assembly:  CREE (Guangzhou, China)

Associated Ratings: E4, E11, ISO:9006, ISO:14001

Input Voltage: 11.7~24.9 VDC  (Optimal 13.5VDC)

 Full brightness: Instant

Operating Lifetime: 30000 Hours

Wattage (RMS): 80W (40w LED x2)

Startup Amperage Draw: 3.2 @ 12v

Constant Amperage Draw: 3.2 @ 12v

Bulb Lumen Output: ~4800lm (@ 6000K)

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes



A LED Conversion kit is required for every pair of lights you wish to convert to LED;These kits are fully compatible with PWM, Daytime running lights, automatic headlight systems, and can accept input voltages of both 12v and 24v.

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