Collection: HID Conversion Kits

Here at AbsoluteHID we've been selling HID kits to help Canadians see better at night since 2008. Things have changed quite a bit since we sold our first HIDs, with big, inefficient magnetic ballasts and slow start-up times. We introduced brighter 55w kits in 2011, and pioneered CANBUS technology in 2012.

Today, our latest digital HID kits are at the top of their class. They are the fastest-starting, most reliable, and most efficient kits on the market. We worked with our engineers to design 55 Watt HID kits that work to -30C, and our 35 Watt kits start every time down to an unprecedented -35C, allowing our customers to use HIDs where previously only LEDs would work. We packed even more features into these kits, including built-in SMART PWM technology. This means our kits work on more vehicles plug and play, and will upconvert half-power DRL to start the bulb. We also fine-tuned our kits to reach 80% brightness faster than the competition, then slowly to 100%, to prolong bulb life.  We are committed to offering the best HID kits to Canadians, now, and going forward.