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Dodge Ram

Dodge Ram 2013 - 2023 Projector HID Kits & LED Conversions

Dodge Ram 2013 - 2023 Projector HID Kits & LED Conversions

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This product page lists HID & LED's for facelifted 4th generation  (all 2013-19, and 2019-23 "classic") Dodge Rams with Projector headlights. Projector headlights can be identified by the glass sphere in the headlamp lens. If your Ram is a different model, click here.  If you have any questions Contact Us for more assistance.

2013 to 2015 Rams with projector headlights use 9012 lowbeam bulbs. 2016 and newer rams use 9005 lowbeam bulbs. All years in this generation use 9005 highbeam bulbs and 9006 foglights. Please check that you have entered your year correctly so that our technicians can send you the correct kit for your vehicle.

New ram trucks use Pulse Width Modulation to extend the life of halogen bulbs. This works by flashing the lights on and off several times a second, which is invisible to the human eye. When using a standard CANBUS hid kit, the truck will detect a fault with the PWM system and turn the lights off after 10-15 minutes. Enter Smart PWM technology. While our US competitors beat us to the market with Smart PWM ballasts, we now have the most reliable and cost-effective products for the Canadian market. These kits work plug and play, and solve issues regular CANBUS kits have on these trucks. Thanks to our purchasing power, we are offering these products at a substantially lower price point than our competition. 

All three headlight housings are upgradeable plug-and-play on this model Ram. As with all projector lenses, HID's strongly recommended in the lowbeams on these models. LED's are very bright, but as they are not omnidirectional, they do not energize the projector lens correctly, resulting in an uneven beam pattern. 55W HID's are brightest but can have cold-start issues below -30C. If you live in northern Canada, talk to us about a 35w kit. For most Canadians, a 55w kit in 4300K is the optimal choice for the lowbeams. For city driving, a lowbeam conversion is generally sufficient.

Highbeams work plug and play with both HID and LED kits, but LED's offer instant-on performance, and do better with frequent power cycling. LED's come only in 6000K, if you are matching a lowbeam and/or foglight kit to LED highs, consider a higher kelvin rating for your HID's. Even projector-model trucks have regular reflector-style highbeam housings. Foglights work equally well with HID and LED kits, and are particularly useful for illuminating ditches, treelines and wildlife.

AbsoluteHID Kelvin Chart
AbsoluteHID Recommends 4300K (White) Factory colour HID's for all applications. White HID's are brighter, less distracting to other drivers and offer maximum visibility. LED kits come ONLY in 6000K
  • Smart PWM CANBUS HID Kits (Plug & Play)
  • No splicing wires
  • Works with automatic headlights and auto highbeams
  • Integrates with Ram TIPM (body control module)
  • FREE Nationwide Canadian shipping
  • AC HIDs, Wattage is RMS not peak
  • Lumens ratings per bulb, not kit
  • ALL parts for installation included
  • Built-in CANBUS, nothing else needed
  • Laser aligned UV cut Quarts bulbs
  • 100% Shock-proof and Water-proof
  • Installation Manual Included
  • Warranty Covers ALL Components
  • Canadian DRL Compatible (As indicated)
  • Shipped from Canada (NO DUTY!)
  • Smart PWM CANBUS LED Kits (Plug & Play)
  • Free Tracking Number & Insurance
  • Live Chat Support with Trained Staff
  • Questions? Call us! (647) 547-1962
  • XM radio-equipped vehicles require relay (included)



AbsoluteHID Smart PWM CANBUS HID Kits

  • CANBUS prevents vehicle ECU from detecting HID Kit
  • Smart PWM prevents TIPM turning off kit after 10-15min
  • Digitally regulated ballasts extends bulb life (up to 4 years)
  • Smart PWM HID kits have the fastest warm-up time (Achieve 80% brightness within 1 second)
  • NO Flickering
  • Standard brightness 35w & Max brightness 55w kits available
  • Factory halogen bulbs are 55w
  • 55w kits do not work well below -30C
  • 35w kits work well to -35C
  • Below these temperatures, ballasts may need to be turned on and off several times to fire up.
  • Longest-lasting lighting upgrade (up to 30000 hours)
  • Unlike HID, no bulb replacement every 3500 hours 
  • No ballast to mount (easy install!)
  • Thermal bands for maximum heat dissipation
  • Brand name diodes
  • Instant-on technology  

 AbsoluteHID Technical Specifications:


Component Origin: Germany

Component Assembly: Guangzhou, China

Bulb Assembly: Taipei, Taiwan

Associated Ratings: E13, E11, ISO:9006

Input Voltage: 9~15.9 VDC  (Optimal 13.5VDC)

Output Voltage: 85 VAC

CANBUS: SMART PWM .5ohm Rev 2.1a

Wattage (RMS): 35W

Startup Amperage Draw: 4.7A

Constant Amperage Draw: 3.5A

Full brightness: 0.7 Seconds @ 10 °C, 1 bar.

Bulb Lumen Output: ~3250lum (@ 4300K)

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes, MOSFET (internal)

Temperature Rating: -35°C - 105°C


Component Origin: Germany

Component Assembly: Guangzhou, China

Bulb Assembly: Taipei, Taiwan

Associated Ratings: E13, E11, ISO:9006 

Input Voltage: 9~15.9 VDC  (Optimal 13.5VDC)

Output Voltage: 85 VAC

Temperature Rating: -30°C - 105°C

Wattage (RMS): 55W

Startup Amperage Draw: 5.6

Constant Amperage Draw: 4.5

Full brightness: 0.7 Seconds @ 10 °C, 1 bar.

Bulb Lumen Output: ~5000lum (@ 4300K)

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes, MOSFET (internal)


4800 Lumen CANBUS LED KIT:

Component Design: CREE (Raleigh, NC, USA)

Component Assembly:  CREE (Guangzhou, China)

Associated Ratings: E4, E11, ISO:9006, ISO:14001

Input Voltage: 11.7~24.9 VDC  (Optimal 13.5VDC)

 Full brightness: Instant

Operating Lifetime: 30000 Hours

Wattage (RMS): 80W (40w LED x2)

Startup Amperage Draw: 3.2 @ 12v

Constant Amperage Draw: 3.2 @ 12v

Bulb Lumen Output: ~4800lm (@ 6000K)

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes

Temperature Rating: -50°C - 65°C

A  Conversion kit is required for every pair of lights you wish to upgrade;These kits are fully compatible with PWM, Daytime running lights, automatic headlight systems, and all other Dodge onboard electronics.

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