Replacing Factory-installed HIDs?

Use our 15 Years Experience in Canadian Automotive Lighting To Your Advantage!


Can't see at night? An HID kit or LED kit from AbsoluteHID Canada is the easiest way to massively increase your vehicles lighting performance, and regain confidence in nighttime driving!

AbsoluteHID Canada has been proudly serving Canadians in the automotive lighting industry since 2008. In that time, we've learned a few things and made a few promises to ourselves and our customers:

  • We sell kits to convert to LED or HID from halogen, and HID replacement parts. If you're looking to repair factory installed HID's, we also sell OEM HID Bulbs and OEM Replacement Ballasts.
  • All our products carry a free 12 month warranty. Lifetime warranty is available. Warranty covers all components.
  • All our products ship Free domestically within Canada. No Duties like USA purchases.
  • Unlike other retailers, we love talking to our customers! Call, Chat or Email. We want to answer your questions. All our technicians are trained and only sell lighting products.
  • CANBUS isn't enough to upgrade most modern vehicles. Smart PWM technology works on 100% of Canadian cars, trucks & industrial equipment without flickering or codes, including new Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, Honda and Ford.
  • Vehicles with projectors should always use HID (best beam pattern). Reflector headlights have identical performance with HID and LED All our kits include built-in canbus and Anti Flicker modules, free of charge.
  • Our kits always include all hardware required for installation. Quality HID kits rarely require relays, resistors or bulb holders, but if they are required, they're included.
  • We are the only Canadian HID retailer that has independently administered reviews. Real feedback from real Canadians.
  • Check out our products below, request a Free compatibility check for your vehicle, chat with a salesperson or head over to our Homepage for more reading

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