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General Troubleshooting: If neither of your lights work, they are likely wired backwards. Turn the black connector that plugs into the case of the ballast around 180 degrees to test if the polarity is reversed. If you have one side that is dead/flickering, swap either a bulb or a ballast from the left side to the right (or vice versa). If the problem switches sides with the component, you can be sure you have identified the problem. HID components rarely fail in pairs, and a dead ballast will not burn out a bulb. It is very unlikely that more than one component is defective, and putting in incorrect, false or duplicate warranty claim submissions can cause delays and loss of future warranty coverage. If you need additional help, please contact the warranty department.

Contact Warranty Services.

You may also contact the warranty department directly at (647)547-1962 extension 3. If you are returning a component, please be sure to write the last four digits of your NEW order number (issued after this form is completed and checked out) in the address field to speed up processing. Return address: AbsoluteHID RMA # (YOUR NEW ORDER NUMBER), Box 34533 North York, ON M9N 3W7 Canada Please note while there is no charge for any warranty services, all shipping costs are paid by the consumer. You may also access warranty services in-person to avoid shipping charges. Some remote locations may have additional delivery expenses.

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You can always leave a note in the box with the components if you have specific concerns you'd like the techs to address.