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AbsoluteHID has been Canada's #1 LED retailer since 2016 and in the automotive lighting business since 2008. We're lighting pros that want you to have the best possible lighting on your vehicle. Don't get scammed, come find out how our kits are different.

CANBUS LED Conversion Kit - 4800 Lumen

  • The cost of high quality LED kit is mostly a result the Light Emitting Diode itself. Any reputable lighting retailer will give you the brand and model of the diodes they are using. Real CREE or Philips diodes are cost-prohibitive from being on any kit under 100$. Don't get scammed!
  • CANBUS is almost universal on LED's now, but make sure your kit has it. Nearly all vehicles that aren't antiques need it.
  • Don't ever buy a kit with a fan. Anyone who's taken an old desktop computer apart knows how much dust can accumulate on a 12v fan. That's inside your house. Engine bays are not environments for finnicky plastic.  Choose a kit with a passive cooling solution. 
  • Any LED kit with a big aluminum heatsink can't draw heat away from the inside of the headlight. Any kit sealed in the headlight drawing over 20W will fail. LED's run cooler than halogen and overheat at much lower temperatures. Running an LED kit hot drastically reduces lifespan.
  • Make sure your headlights are compatible with LED. Do your headlights have a glass marble in them? They are projectors. LED's wont work correctly, get an HID Kit.
  • Make sure the kit includes weather seal hardware to preserve dust-proof and moisture-proof headlight operation

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35W Smart PWM Canbus HID KIT


55W Smart PWM Canbus HID KIT


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