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Canada's Best Plug and Play 55w Smart PWM CANBUS HID Conversion Kit

AbsoluteHID Bulb Guide for All Makes & Models

In 2008 we brought Canada our first HID kits. In 2010 we pioneered 55w HID's, and in 2011 we added CANBUS technology to our products. In 2019 we introduced our 5th Generation SMART PWM 55w CANBUS HID Kit. It is compatible with ALL makes and models of cars, trucks, ATV, motorcycles, quads and other vehicles with 12V electrical systems, including Dodge, Jeep and other vehicles that feature Pulse Width Modulation technology. As with all of our products, it is 100% canbus compatible and will not throw any codes. This is the fastest starting 55w ballast on the market, outperforming our older ASIC models by over 70%!

 Our 55-watt Digital kit produces the same amount of light as a factory-installed HID kit at a fraction of the price. Our 55w digital products have unparalleled reliability and stability of light output with the added advantages of CANBUS error-cancelling technology. This technology is designed to prevent a vehicle displaying "bulb out" or "Low Beam error" codes. Digital ballast kits are also slimmer and more heat resistant than traditional HID Kits. These kits are ISO:2011, E4 and TUV approved. As with all our products, these kits include free warranty. Please select your bulb or vehicle type, warranty options and colour below:

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Technical Info:

Component Origin: Germany

Component Assembly: Guangzhou, China

Associated Ratings: E4, E11, ISO:9006 (manufacturing)

Input Voltage: 11.7~15.9 VDC  (Optimal 13.5VDC)

Output Voltage: 85 VAC


Wattage (RMS): 55W

Startup Amperage Draw: 5.6

Constant Amperage Draw: 3.5

Full brightness: 0.5 Seconds @ 10 °C, 1 bar.

Bulb Lumen Output: ~5100lum (@ 4300K)

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes, MOSFET (internal)



A HID kit is required for every pair of lights you wish to convert to HID, except on bulb types marked (Halogen High Beam) or (Bi-Xenon). Halogen High Beam kits have a halogen High Beam to preserve Daytime Running Light operation as well as regular High Beam functions. Bi-Xenon kits will have a articulating HID bulb for both Low Beam and High Beam HID operation. Bi-xenon kits may require you to disable Daytime Running Lights.