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CANADIAN Spec Mini Bulb Guide:

How to use this page:

1) Find your model below and note the bulb type.

2) If your vehicle has halogen bulbs (model starts with H or a number,) select a conversion kit below 

3) If your vehicle has factory HID (model starts with D) select replacement bulb below.

4) Live tech support available if you need help!

ModelYearLow beamHigh beamFog
Cooper2014 - 2009H13/9008H/LH8
-2006 - 2003H7H7H11
With HID2014 - 2009D1S-H8
With HID2006D2SH9H11
With HID2005D2SH7H11
With HID2004 - 2003D2RH7H11
With HID2002D2RH7H7
Cooper Clubman2017 - 2016H4/9003H/LH8
-2014 - 2008H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2014 - 2008D1S-H8
With LED2017 - 2016NOT Avail.NOT Avail.NOT Avail.
Cooper Convertable2017 - 2015H13/9008H/LH8
-2008 - 2007H7H7H11
With HID2017 - 2015D1S-NOT Avail.
With HID2008 - 2007D1SH7H11
Cooper Countryman2017H7H7H8
-2016 - 2011H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2016 - 2015D1S-NOT Avail.
With HID2014 - 2011D1S-H8
With LED2017 - 2016NOT Avail.NOT Avail.NOT Avail.
Cooper Countryman S2014 - 2011H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2014 - 2011D1S-H8
Cooper Countryman SX2014 - 2011H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2014 - 2011D1S-H8
Cooper Coupe2015H13/9008H/LH8
-2009 - 2007H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2015D1S-NOT Avail.
With HID2009 - 2007D1S-H8
Cooper Hardtop2017 - 2015H4/9003H/LH8
With LED2017 - 2015NOT Avail.NOT Avail.NOT Avail.
Cooper Paceman2016 - 2013H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2016 - 2015D1S-NOT Avail.
With HID2014 - 2013D1S-H8
Cooper S2014 - 2009H13/9008H/LH8
-2006 - 2004H7H7H11
With HID2014 - 2009D1S-H8
Cooper S Clubman2014 - 2008H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2014 - 2008D1S-H8
Cooper S Convertable2008H7H7H11
With HID2008D1SH7H11
Cooper S Couple2009 - 2007H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2009 - 2007D1S-H8
JCW Clubman2014 - 2009H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2014 - 2009D1S-H8
JCW Countryman2014H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2014D1S-H8
JCW Coupe2009H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2009D1S-H8
John Cooper Works2014 - 2010H13/9008H/LH8
With HID2014 - 2010D1S-H8

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9 Item(s)