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Ford HID & LED

Ford HID Kit & LED Kit Bestsellers!

Our most popular vehicles have their own product pages



If your vehicle isn't listed above, you can either Request a Free Compatibility check from our staff, or look up your bulb type yourself. Once you know your bulb type you can select a kit or part below

 We have our own bulb guide:

AbsoluteHID Ford Bulb guide (opens in new window)

If your vehicle isn't on our guide, use one of the big OEM manufacturer guides:


If your bulb type starts with a D, you have factory HID's. Replacement parts are listed below

If your bulb type starts with H or a number, you have halogen lights which can be converted using any product named "kit" below. Plug & Play lowbeam and foglight compatibility of all our kits is 100%. Highbeam housings on vehicles that use that housing at half power for DRL can typically only be upgraded with LED (ask us).  

18 Item(s)

18 Item(s)