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Pair H11b, H11 (aka H8 or H9) HID Replacement Bulbs


These are high quality H11 replacement bulbs. These bulbs are replacements for any H11b, H11, H8 or H9 HID bulbs. These bulbs also work as direct replacements for H8 and H9 hid bulbs. H11B bulbs are different from H11 bulbs in that the return wire is off axis, to prevent it interfering with the beam pattern and causing a shadow. All our H11 bulbs have off axis return wires and will not cause shadows in projector housings. The differences between H8, H9, and H11 bulbs are only wattage, which doesn't matter for HID bulbs, as the wattage is set by the ballast.


Our H11b/H11H9/H8 replacement bulbs come in 35 watt and 55 watt varieties. Please select the wattage of your current bulbs to ensure compatibility. (If unsure of current ballast specification, select our 55w backwards-compatible bulbs which also work with 35w ballasts.) We also carry these bulbs in complete 35W SMART PWM CANBUS HID Kits and 55w SMART PWM CANBUS HID Kits.

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All our aftermarket replacement HID bulbs are made in ISO:9006 factories and meet or exceed E4 and E11 specifications.



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