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Pair D4S OEM Replacement HID Bulbs


Universal D4S Replacement bulb PAIR

Replaces ANY OEM D4S (Osram, Hella, Sylvania, etc)

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 Plug and play


 1 Year warranty

 Extended Lifespan

 Includes spade connector

 See below for parts number compatibility

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These bulbs are 35w standard D4S bulbs compatible with all OEM/Factory applications.

HID Kit Colour Guide

Compatible Part Numbers: 66440, 66440CBI, 66440CBH, 66440CBA, 66440CBB, 66440CLC, 66440XNL, 66440NBU, 66440NBL, 66440XNL-HCB, 42402, 42402VIC1, 42402C1, 42402WX, 42402XV2C1, GE D4S, WAGNER D4S, SYLVANIA D4S, MORIMOTO D4S, 90981-20020, 90981-20024, 90981-20031, 9098120031, 9098120020, 9098120024, 33116SZTG01, 33116-SZT-G01, HARISON TOSHIBA D4S, Osram D4S, PHILIPS D4S, XENARC D4S, XENECO D4S, Sylvania zxe D4S, D4S C1, 90981-YZZCC, 90981YZZCC, Toyota D4S, Lexus D4S, 90981-20013, 9098120013, 90981-20021, 9098120021