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D1S HID Ballast (OEM Replacement)


This is a universal D1S replacement ballast. It can replace ANY OEM D1S ballast with a new, top of the line digital ballast with CANBUS, Fast start and MOSFETT amplifiers. Unlike an HID conversion kit, which is plug and play to upgrade a halogen bulb to HID, replacing an existing HID set up requires some wiring work. This ballast accepts 12V input only. It doesn't have any logic. Give it 12v and it starts. If you're an expert with 12V, we can help you do this on your own. If not, most shops will charge approx 1 hour labour. OEM D1S ballasts frequently cost between 400$-950$, and will usually fail again a few years later. The tricky part of the installation is identifying the current 12V circuit going into the factory ballast, and then splicing this ballast into those wires. If you are not confident in your ability to do this, show this page to your mechanic prior to ordering the part.

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Universal Factory Replacement Ballast

Replaces ANY D1S, D1R or D1C Ballast

Complete Factory HID Replacement Kit Available

Splices into vehicles 12V headlight connection 

Plug and play D1S bulb connector

Fast start technology

1 Year warranty (lifetime available)

Ships from Canada

Includes spade connector

See below for parts number compatibility

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D1S ballasts do not have an internal ignitor as it is attached to the bulb.

This ballast can replace ANY factory D1S system part numbers below.

Some makes have design flaws in their ballasts which cause premature failure.

Complete D1S replacement kits PERMANENTLY solve these problems. Talk to a tech today!

63 12 6 937 223,

6 937 223,

A 000 821 10 61,

5M0 907 391,



1 376 950,

6M21 12K072AA,

12 76 7670,

YWC 500480


1 307 329 206 04

420 907 472 G

8K0907472 AL